Improvement in technology has paved ways for people who love to play online games. Earlier to have fun and enjoy gambling, people have to go to casinos, but now with internet facility, they can enjoy the game sitting at the comfort of the house. With the gaining popularity of the online games, online casinos have introduced bonus schemes for the players. Different online casinos offer different types of bonuses. With different bonuses available it is quite natural that players get confused.

Many online players are not aware of the fact that most reputed online casinos offer free bonuses and massive bonuses. The terms and conditions of bonuses vary from one site to another. To avoid any disappointment in future, you need to take initiative to understand the rules and regulations of the free bonuses. Though there are wide number of websites offering varied bonuses, you should concentrate on getting the best bonus from the most reliable site. Most of the popular online casino website offers the best bonuses to their players. There are different types of bonuses available and they are Cash March bonuses, No deposit bonuses, ongoing bonuses and other bonuses.

Cash march bonuses is also called as First deposit. Basically there are two types of bonuses, and they are cash bonuses and percentage bonuses. For example, when you make an initial deposit of $10, you will get free bonuses of $100. In some online casinos the bonus may even be more than 400%. The wagering units differ from one online casino to another.

No deposit bonuses is otherwise called as free deposit bonuses is offered to all people who sign up with online casinos. But this bonus cannot be encashed until you make the deposit. The value of the deposit should be greater than the value of the bonus. “No deposit bonuses” are good schemes to start off with online casinos, and there are bright chances to win.

Online casinos are forced to offer re deposit bonuses to retain their members. These redeposit bonuses include loyalty bonuses. The ongoing bonuses may vary depending on the casino. Sometimes players may have to bet for bigger value, say $100 to get the bonus of $10.

Apart from the above said three types of bonuses there are other kinds of bonuses available. The players will get bonus when they make the payment through certain modes like NeTeller. Each online casino will have a preferred mode of payment, and if the player choose that mode for payment, they will be eligible for 20% extra bonus other than the usual bonuses. When you register or sign up with any online casino, make sure to know their preferred mode of payment, so that you can avail the additional bonuses.

To avail different bonuses offered by different online casinos, you should have thorough knowledge on all these things. With this you will not only enjoy gambling but also gets an opportunity to win bonuses.